We are here to meet to the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless and at-risk population in need of a loving and nurturing environment during their time of transition.  

OUR MISSION: Our sole mission is to provide youth and teens with a S.A.F.E place to grow and thrive. NO KID, who is in genuine need of help, will be turned away... Warrior Watchman serves the community by providing educational programs, one-on-one counseling, and an ongoing faith filled atmosphere of hope and concern.  

PHILOSOPHY: We believe that everyone deserves to be in an atmosphere that is nurturing and supportive.  Our program aims to meet these needs by sharing the Gospel, providing housing and re-entry services in an environment that is conducive to establishing a healthy, drug-free, crime free, and positive, independent lifestyle.  

OUR TEAM: Our volunteer staff is representative of various ethnicity, religions, military veteran statuses, and backgrounds.  Many of our staff have personally experienced homelessness or lived in at-risk situations. Watchman House is a Christian based organization however, we are open to youth and teens from all religious backgrounds. Watchman House helps kids regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, or background. At Watchman House, we simply refuse to leave a kid behind. Through our persistence and dedication, we are able to reach even the hardest street kids. It is through this kind of persistence, dedication, and real pursuit that significant changes begin to occur for kids who really believe that we've forgotten them. Watchman House refuses to allow another child to fall through the crack! We will make a difference, one child at a time!